Zero velocity updating

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In addition If you are unable to get MMOS to enable DFU mode, setting DFU mode will need to be done manually, this process is covered as “Case C” under “Setting Simu CUBE into Device Firmware Mode (DFU)”: CUBE#Setting_Simu CUBE_into_Device_Firmware_Mode_.28DFU.29 If the bootloader firmware fails to install using any of the methods above (retaining MMOS functionality) please see the Trouble Shooting section of this guide.

Successful bootloader installation and startup is noted by the Simu CUBE status LEDs located next to the green power LED lighting up one-by-one, after which they will go off with the power LED remaining lit.

We did away with a large amount of legacy clutter and replaced them with a wealth of new features and improvements.

Because even the API changes are so significant, it is easier to see it as a whole new product rather than a long list of changes.

If the Simu CUBE is not in DFU and MMOS is not installed you will need to manually enable DFU mode by using the #CASE C method described in the "Setting Simu CUBE into Device Firmware Mode (DFU)" section of the Installing MMos firmware into Simu CUBE page.

The following settings must be done, before updating to Simu CUBE firmware.

Please take extra precaution and have your e-stop button close by.

Unexpected full forces left/right motions could happen at any time.

If Currently Using MMOS - Enable DFU mode within MMOS and install the supplied Simu Cube Bootloader DFU file using Dfu Se Demo which is available here: NOTE: Once Dfu Se Demo has successfully installed the Simu CUBE Bootloader using the MMOS method click on the Leave DFU mode to reset your Simu CUBE back to run mode.

You may need to cycle the power waiting a few seconds in between Power Down and Power Up to get Windows to recognise the new HID Device titled “Simu CUBE in firmware update mode”.

The Simu CUBE Configuration Tool has many things marked in These features are not currently implemented and do not work.

Please do not try to test these items as we already know that they don’t work.

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