Who is victoria gotti dating

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According to Victoria Gotti’s wiki, the wife of the late mobster John Gotti, she supported her husband all through their 42 years of married life and refused to.One of the "Growing Up Gotti" boys is officially off the market!“She was very upset,” Marrone said of Victoria Gotti, who also wasn’t accused of any wrongdoing.“She is a sick lady.” Marrone noted that while the late john Gotti was alive his home was never raided by police or the FBI, even when he was arrested for the last time in December 1990 on federal racketeering charges.

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The one-hour special is on November 10th at 9pm ET/PT and we will get a chance to see how Victoria Gotti's sons John, Carmine, Growing Up Gotti.

Federal prosecutors will call her as a government witness in trial of capo Bartolomeo Vernace, who along with Barlin, allegedly participated in the April 1981 murders of Shamrock Bar owners John D'Agnese and Richard Gotkin over a spilled drink.

Prosecutors say Vernace shot Gotkin, a Vietnam veteran and father of four young children.

Police arrested the younger Gotti at the home of his grandmother Victoria, the widow of the mob boss, where cops found hundreds of oxycodone pills, according to investigators.

Dubbed “Operation Beach Party,” the probe resulted in undercover purchases of more than ,000 worth of oxycodone in the last year, said NYPD chief of detectives Robert Boyce.

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