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When she loses yet another job, Frank tells Al she needs to make herself more valuable to her next employer. When Frank finally buys a car for the kidsa '65 Mustanghe has trouble letting them have the keys. and Al take Lilly to an audition, but return with the wrong child.

Carol wants a reluctant Frank to play Tarzan to her Jane for a fundraiser. Dayna Price (Cool Dancer), Marissa Jaret Winokur (Dork Dancer), Judy Pioli (Inger), Senta Moses (Lauren), Dawn Mc Millan (Rebecca), Brad Hawkins (Chuck), Heather O'Ryan (New Girl #1), Brian Wagner (Roland), Theodore Borders (Ben), Rick Hanson (Spa Guy), Lea Moreno (Mandy), Chuck Clayton (Rick), Ethan Erickson (Bobby), Julie Benz (Tawny), Joel Jordan (Brad), Marisa Coughlan (New Girl #2) Mark starts working out, hoping to avoid standing along the 'loser wall' at the next school dance. Carol forces a bored Frank to attend a beauty products convention with her.

Cody's love of reading lands him a job at the library, and none too soon for the family, who've tired of him spoiling the endings for them.

Frank feels his manhood is threatened when he discovers that Carol made more money than he last year.

Frank wants to take Carol to an expensive restaurant, but Carol has agreed to be on the committee of Al's dance. Mark, Al, and Brendan try to win a sand castle competition to get a helicopter tour of the island.

After being dumped by a boy, Al stays in the dumps until she's rescued by Mark's science fair pen pal: Steve Urkel. Dodd), Jake Carpenter (Cook), Miriam Parrish (Teenager), Ira Heiden (Pizza Man), Mary Moore Davis (Jennifer), Brendan Bickley (Eric), Kelly Packard (Marcia) J. Carol desperately tries to get Dana to decline her marriage proposal. With Karen angry for his putting her baby picture in the school yearbook, J. becomes paranoid when a psychic tells him a brunette is out for revenge.

Frank and Carol talk to the kids about pulling their own weight a bit more. Cody and a popular country singer fall for each other, but can either take on the other's lifestyle to make the relationship last?

Rebuffed by boys playing soccer, Al falls into the wrong crowd at school when she tries to make some female friends.

With the TV broken, Carol tries to institute "Family Fun Time", which no one finds fun at all.

And since Frank can't take Carol out, he shows up at the school dance and finds a way to work in a little romance anyway. Carol talks Frank into letting the wildly un-athletic Mark fill in for an injured player on his baseball team. Carol and Frank get more than they bargained for with their new Snooze-O-Matic adjustable bed.

Philip Charles Mac Kenzie (Philip the Barman), Mark Clayman (Hank), Melissa Baum (Ally), Brendan Bickley (Party Guest), Jacob Kenner (Kevin), Ken Kerman (Fireman), Don Jeffcoat (Jonah), Michael Cudlitz (Ed) Carole Wyand (Customer), John Shuman (Man # 2), Hannah Sussman (Woman #2), Norma Michaels (Grandma), Michael De May (Man #2), Kathleen Souza (Woman #1), Jason Strickland (Scott), Al Molinaro (Joe Passarelli), Devon Gummersall (Billy) Frank announces he needs a new worker and Carol urges him to hire a female for Lambert construction. T., Al and Karen try to make some money off Mark by letting him invest in the stock market for them. JT and Dana's competitiveness once again yields a battle of the sexes. Cody gets a date from his personal ad, and he's got a child he quickly bonds with.

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