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“Patterns are the work of the devil,” said Lawrence.

That’s why the house blows up so easily at the end.

is about being a woman: As Michelle Pfeiffer (helpfully credited as “Woman”) tells Mother, “You give and you give and you give,” and when you resist, everyone yells gendered epithets at you, knocks down your (unbraced) sinks, and steals your babies.” is about fame: The Poet loves getting attention from his fans and can’t stop himself from inviting them into his house, despite the fact that they keep destroying both it and his relationship in the process.

Kristen Wiig is the Poet’s publisher, who lures him away from Mother and also shoots people in the head (is this a metaphor for editing? In a pivotal moment, when Mother demands his full attention for her and their baby, he betrays her by handing said baby over to the masses.

is about the Bible: Another common interpretation, and the one that has the most obvious hooks in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence is a kind of Mother Earth slash Virgin Mary slash all-women-when-subject-to-the-church figure, whose sacrificed child is the Messiah.

Javier Bardem, “the Poet,” is God and/or the church writing scripture. You get the feeling Aronofsky’s not a big fan of organized religion. Law’s mother — a mystical, eternal, feminine being — has the power to give birth.

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