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She is then asked by Oliver Queen if it can be used to heal and save his friend Slade Wilson.

After some unknown amount of time after the events of what she experienced on Lian Yu with Oliver Queen, Shado and Slade Wilson along with Anthony Ivo and the crew of the Amazo Ship she is believed to be dead once again by everyone.

Soon after she and Oliver Queen along with Anthony Ivo, The Captain and some of the Amazo Ship crew arrive on The Island and quickly try to eliminate both Shado and Shade Wilson which eventually learn they failed at.

After Oliver Queen take her and everyone else to the grave site of the dead Japanese Soliders they are soon ambushed by Shado and Shade Wilson who demand Oliver Queen back which Anthony Ivo agrees to.

He also tells her that he after an ancient World War II Japanese Super Solider Serum known as The Miracle which he tells her he will use to save the human race.

He then ask her if she would like to help to him with his search.

A TV show/movie convention, is also the opportunity to participate to many activities during the event : quizz, lottery, karaoke... They also allow fans to chat with one another about a same center of interest and to return home with a lot of unforgettable memories.

To participate to a convention, it's mandatory to get a pass on the ticketing of the organization in charge of the event.

After taken to his courtiers aboard the ship he introduces himself to her and explains what he does.

After slightly making Oliver Queen believe she is helping him only for it to be a trick ordered by Anthony Ivo to get information about the location of Shado and Slade Wilson out of him.

However before The Captain nearly kills Oliver Queen she convinces him to spare Oliver Queen's life which he does along with telling him he's going back to The Island.

During that time she is invited by Oliver Queen to join him and his father Robert Queen on a sailing trip on their family yacht, The Queen's Gambit she joined them against her own mother's wishes.

During the first night of the trip she and Oliver Queen were enjoying themselves but also talking about and contemplating the consequences of their relationship, the yacht began to sink because of sabotage.

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