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In April 2015 it was announced that people had to register with Irish Water by a deadline June 30th 2015 to get the grant.

If you missed that deadline you will have to wait until 2016 to apply for the grant.

(28th Sept) – but information we have seen from Irish Water states that as of 22nd October they were still sending outstanding data to the Dept of Social Protection!

) (See above) If you have recieved one of these letters you can apply online for the grant at Watch out for the call charges on those 18 numbers – read more here about 1890 call costs and 0761 call costs Alternative Number : We contacted the Dept of the Environment and pointed out the potentially high call charges on these two numbers.

Payments can be made by cheque to people who don’t have a bank account.

The first grant payments went out in mid September 2015.

The official closing date for applications for the 2015 Water Conservation Grant was originally 8th October – then it was extended to 22nd October.

Even though the latest deadline has passed – Irish Water have admitted that there are still cases where they have not passed over the details to the Dept of Social Protection.

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On the letter from Social Protection there will be another number you will require – the TIN or Transaction Identification Number.

If everyone who is eligible claims this grant – it could result in a total payout of around €130 million a year.

At the time of the last update to this article – only about 850,000 eligible people had applied – so there is still about €45 million unclaimed.

The water conservation grant payment will be an annual flat rate of €100 a year and will be paid in a lump sum each year directly to bank accounts.

It is planned to run to at least 2018 – then the whole charging structure is up for review.

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