Updating wii mod chip

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The way I understand it is that if I want to play NTSC-J games I will need FW 3.2 and Datel Freeloader (which only works with FW3.2 or below).But what if the game I want to play requires FW higher than 3.2? I think the correct answer to this question is; it depends. I liked tinkering around with the Wii, so the softmod was actually a bit of fun.USBgecko is a very powerful wii tool for dumping ISOs onto a hard drive which can then be burnt to disk. Mate I'd love to come down 200ks and get one done, but fuel down etc.Also it is a bit close to Manly territory for my liking.If you earn a decent amount, and don't have time to be constantly reading up about it, then get a hardware mod.well chipping it isn't THAT expensive as it has the same hardware as a wii which surprised all the chippers out there when they first opened it up and went oh.... They give us the exact same hardware just smaller and abuse a wireless motion sensor control? I agree with OMC on this, and I have to admit it is in both our interests to say that.

The only benefit that the hardmod has over softmodding, is the access speed on the disc – normal access speed is 6x, but softmodding throttles it to 3x speed, which can make some multi-part games take a bit longer to load.

If you soft mod your wii you are have to install the homebrew channel first, and to my knowledge (i am probably wrong) you can't totally remove it as it still leaves a title ID on you wii saying its been installed.

People love free stuff, but you have to factor into it. If you are uni student, and you have unlimited time on your hands then go for the softmod.

Hardmod for the ability to play burnt games (because I don't want to go through the hassle of going through the trucha hack and other stuff for every iso, the extra bit of money on a chip is not a problem) and softmod to get region free.

I've tried to do some research on how to play other region games on the wii but became more and more confused.

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