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This requirement made code hard to read, difficult to port if the underlying database system changed, and required a lot more coding.SQL and its predecessors (other query languages) changed a lot of that by providing a logical abstraction to this physical layer.This is often found in more complex queries that require retrieving data from more than one table.There are several formats (INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, ..

eh the DBA guy is calling you right now Disclaimer: Microsoft does not support the use of CAU to update Windows Server 2012 clusters with SQL Server Always On availability groups.s=cau but what I do show you is the basic steps for updating the Windows Server 2012 cluster with SQL Server Always On availability groups Here is my SQL Cluster and it is a two node cluster ready for patching but most of the time the advanced options are skipped.who cares about a pre and after setup I just want to install the updates. My cluster is hitting the download and after this one node is set on Pause.OUTER is usually optional HAVING is very similar to WHERE except the statements within it are of an aggregate nature.Note in this example - we are only returning summaries for customers who have purchased more than 60,000 worth of items Aggregate functions are used to summarize data by rolling up a set of data items into a single item.

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