Updating belkin firmware

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This is actually the best way to go anyway, as you can be sure that you’ll always be getting the latest version of firmware.

The router control panel is not 100% reliable in showing the most current available firmware version. I hope this post helps those of you who may have experienced the same troubles with your Belkin wireless router firmware update. updating my firmware took care of the internet connection issues I was experiencing on my i Mac — I’m pretty happy about that!

If your Belkin router does not have the latest version of firmware, it may start showing performance issues over time.

Most of the connectivity and performance issues on network devices are due to outdated firmware.

My best guess was that it was probably some issue with my router, so my first check was to see if the firmware was up to date.

If the pop-up window shows there is a more recent update to your router’s firmware, then download it.

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Keeping firmware updated helps to ensure your router is operating at peak functionality and remains compatible with all of your computers and mobile devices.It was time consuming and there was a chance to miss certain major updates.Now you need to save the downloaded file on your computer desktop.Over the past several weeks I’d been having the occasional problem with my internet connection while on my i Mac.A simple disconnect and reconnect with Airport would offer a quick fix, but after starting to get booted offline multiple times daily, figured it was time to drop what I was doing and look for a fix.

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