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You have haters Mostly bitches who pretend to be your best friend to your face but behind you will bad mouth you to anyone who will listen, all while trying to sleep with your husband.

Haters will always attempt to undermine your position of Trophy Wife, usually with comments such as “you wouldn’t understand, you don’t work.” Your response should be “Oh, I see.

You’ve heard about them and you might even aspire to be one, but how do you know if you’ve finally made it?

Here are 10 signs that confirm that you are a Trophy Wife.10. You don’t have a job, but you’re on a first name basis with the sales assistants in Chanel, Hermes and Prada.

"Older men want the most impressive achiever in the office.

In the eyes of a man's peers, the woman with the career and degrees counts for more than Miss America," says Frank Pittman, psychiatrist to Atlanta's elite.

Jim Pak, 34, was introduced to Kristin Ketner, 38, a Harvard MBA and a hedge fund manager, through a mutual friend, who warned him not to be intimidated by her credentials.

She introduced herself to the derivatives trader, now 36, by announcing, "Hi, I'm Karin, and I have to go now." "She was strong and unconventional in her approach, but she did it with humor," recalls Tassan-Solet of Dauch, who at age 29 owned double Kappa, a Web design and branding company.

"I don't look at people as a list of what they've done," says Tassan-Solet.

"But what she's done is remarkable."Beeman and Tassan-Solet aren't the only newlyweds who are proud of their wives' CVs.

I personally think it’s a ploy for men to spend LESS than what their wives want. Your husband is the epitome of loaded Your husband has so much money that simple tasks such as checking ATM receipts, looking at a bill before paying at a restaurant or the aforementioned scanning of price tags while shopping seem completely nonexistent in his life.

If your fiancé tells you that she doesn’t want a bigger, more expensive diamond, she’s lying. There should never be a cap on how much an engagement ring costs – you never ask a lady to compromise on a diamond. He buys whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and the only thing he has to think about before purchasing something is whether he has time in his schedule to use said product.

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