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Starting with the year 850, magnetized needles were commonly used as navigational devices on ships.Zheng He from the Yunnan province in China was the first to use the compass as a navigational tool.Just like the first noodles, this invention has a long history, being created about 4,000 years ago.

However, the first materials used were rammed earth, stones, and wood.It is worth mentioning that the discovered 4000-year-old noodles were made using the fast-growing cereal plant foxtail millet (the most important planted species in East Asia) and proso millet.Historians say that the Arabs used pasta or noodle-like food for long trips in the fifth century.They were the ones to bring the food to Sicily when they invaded the region back in the 8th century.When the early European explorers reach China they also learned about the nutritious value of noodles and decided to bring the recipe to European cooks.

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