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Created by a Hong Kong speed-dating company, the flier was intended to promote a matchmaking event over the weekend that asked women to pay HK,800—more than US0—to meet expatriate men, who were urged to attend and dine for free. Depicting a young girl on the poster that sparked the backlash, Ms. “This event, I made a mistake because my assistant did the flier. She refused to disclose the location, out of fear of sparking further backlash, but says that the event shouldn’t be construed as just a way for men to meet good-looking women. The invitation defined eligible men as “35-48, professionals and foreigners only.” The ad went viral online, infuriating some who decried the event as degrading to native Hong Kong men and women alike. Only in Asia,” says the Facebook page of Kamy Yeung, in a post that accompanied a picture of the ad. While there was no explicit mention of race in the invitation for the event, social-media commentators homed in on the issue. But I am an expat, and I have enough white friends to be able to throw this out there: white men reap the benefits of their skin color in China as much as they do elsewhere in the world, I get that, but must the Chinese make it so obvious?

Doing the rounds today on Reddit, Facebook and the Twittersphere is a bizarre ad for a local dating event tonight… Indeed, it was a ‘Speed Dating for Young Professionals’ evening hosted by Rachael Chan of fame.

Plenty of people nurse a healthy loathing of the “expat in Asia,” and in some instances, that antipathy is understandable, if not justified.

(The image you want is of a mustachioed former mill owner, old and white, in Thailand.

HK is a tough place for dating, as recent studies show, but perhaps this latest ‘niche’ event is a little hard to stomach for even the most hardcore of singletons.

Then again, if those who attend these events are pairing off with each other, then perhaps they’re doing the rest of us a favour.

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