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It overlooked part of the gigantic lower floor that had been turned into a wine warehouse for the event.

All wines are tasted blind at IWC, so runners brought in all the flights of wines in coded wrappers.

The first morning, we started with Champagne—probably to get us in a good mood. The next categories my table evaluated were New Zealand Pinot Noirs, Bordeaux varietals from Mendoza, Hungarian Chardonnays, Sicilian Nero d’Avolas, Italian Syrahs, etc., etc. At some point we were given a lunch slot; when it was time, we made our way through a maze of courtyards and stairwells to a restaurant where a set meal had been ordered for us.

By then we were all glad to sit down and refuel with a hearty lunch.

It seemed to me that most flights consisted of around a dozen wines, though in actuality they were often larger or smaller.

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It is held here in part because this is a fairly neutral place: very little wine is produced in the UK, so there is no local partisanship when it comes to judging, even if the lion’s share of the judges are from the UK.All the bottles and packing materials are recycled.Even with tens of thousands of wines, he manages to keep the trash load to one dumpster for the whole event.Through the runner, we could also plead for a change in our program, like the times when we were longing for crisp, white wines after half a dozen flights of tannic reds.Sometimes the pleas were answered by the powers-that-be in the back rooms (the chairmen); mostly they were not, and we were kept to our original assigned flights.

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