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For a man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ten years ago, Richard is impressively active.

Within a year of taking up cycling he rode from London to Paris and this summer did the Etape du Tour — a mountain stage of the Tour de France, in appalling weather. I am far happier my 41-year-old husband is out riding a pushbike with a bunch of other men than zooming around on a Harley-Davidson and chasing girls half his age.

and Morphsuits in the United Kingdom, and Jyhmiskin in Finland.

Morphsuits has achieved relative commercial success internationally.

But I like seeing my heroines in jeans, tees, and worn boots.

Their numbers are swelling at an alarming rate, thanks to Tour de France winners Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome — men I would admire but for my husband's desire to emulate them.

In , there is a flashback to Jessica’s best friend Patsy “Trish” Walker holding up a superhero costume for Jessica to try on. “The only place anyone is wear that is trick or treating or as part of some kinky role playing scenario.” Jessica replies. Just like that, we get to watch a series where there is no wardrobe from a comic book imposed onto the lead superhero.

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How all the women seem to bounce around punching and kicking and running for a really long extended sequence in ridiculously tight clothes.

He has also been agonising over whether to shave his legs or not, although the only reason he can give me for doing so is 'the pros do it'. We live in the Surrey Hills — one of the best cycling spots in the country.

Box Hill, where the Olympic road race was held, is a local climb and the Tour of Britain passes through every year. So a couple of times a year Richard and his MAMIL pals pack their bikes into protective boxes (£500) and fly to the Pyrenees or the Alps, for a weekend emulating their professional cycling idols.

He buys an average of one bike a year, each more expensive than the last.

His first was a relatively meagre £800, that he sold two years on for £200.

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