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On many systems you can do this using an archive manager.Otherwise, using a terminal session, extract it using the command . If you are installing Sophos onto a 64bit linux system you may first need to install 32bit compatibility libraries, or you may see an error.A preconfigured installation package for Sophos for linux is available for installation onto personal laptops and desktops running Linux, together with some notes on installing and configuring the program.Limited additional support is available for Sophos on the Linux platform.These instructions are primarily for people who want to install Sophos Anti-Virus onto their personal laptop and/or desktop.

Note: The following example shows you how to create a custom Sophos profile.

You should look for the lines outlined in green on the figure above. However, also keep an eye out for lines such as the ones shown outlined in red in the figure below.

In this case the kernel isn't supported and the result is that on-acceess scanning is disabled.

Sophos options can be configured via the command-line but if you prefer a graphical method of configuring many of the options, you can enable the GUI. You will be prompted for a username and password and you should make sure you set a strong password.

There are a couple of ways of doing this, one of which is given below. By default the GUI uses port 8081 but if this port is already in use the configuration program will suggest an alternative. You should see the line outlined in red in the figure above if everything is successful.

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