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2006)), containing about 700,000 posts to (in total about 140 million words) by almost 20,000 bloggers. Slightly more information seems to be coming from content (75.1% accuracy) than from style (72.0% accuracy). We see the women focusing on personal matters, leading to important content words like love and boyfriend, and important style words like I and other personal pronouns.

For each blogger, metadata is present, including the blogger s self-provided gender, age, industry and astrological sign. The creators themselves used it for various classification tasks, including gender recognition (Koppel et al. The men, on the other hand, seem to be more interested in computers, leading to important content words like software and game, and correspondingly more determiners and prepositions.

However, as any collection that is harvested automatically, its usability is reduced by a lack of reliable metadata.

In this case, the Twitter profiles of the authors are available, but these consist of freeform text rather than fixed information fields.

Then follow the results (Section 5), and Section 6 concludes the paper. For whom we already know that they are an individual person rather than, say, a husband and wife couple or a board of editors for an official Twitterfeed. the identification of author traits like gender, age and geographical background.

In this paper we restrict ourselves to gender recognition, and it is also this aspect we will discuss further in this section.

When using all user tweets, they reached an accuracy of 88.0%.

Their features were hash tags, token unigrams and psychometric measurements provided by the Linguistic Inquiry of Word Count software (LIWC; (Pennebaker et al. Although LIWC appears a very interesting addition, it hardly adds anything to the classification.

With only token unigrams, the recognition accuracy was 80.5%, while using all features together increased this only slightly to 80.6%. (2014) examined about 9 million tweets by 14,000 Twitter users tweeting in American English.

And, obviously, it is unknown to which degree the information that is present is true.

The resource would become even more useful if we could deduce complete and correct metadata from the various available information sources, such as the provided metadata, user relations, profile photos, and the text of the tweets.

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