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80 percent who go through a marital separation ultimately divorce, most within three years.

15 percent of separations don’t lead to divorce or reconciliation within 10 years.

41) raised in single-parent homes are about twice as likely (and boys raised in stepfamilies three times as likely) to have committed a crime that leads to incarceration by the time they reach their early thirties.

data found after controlling for race, mother’s education, neighborhood quality and cognitive ability.) Teenage Suicides – Three out of four teenage suicides occur in households where a parent has been absent.

According to Barna, this indicates that Boomers are virtually certain to “become the first generation for which a majority experienced a divorce.” 62% of both the ex-husbands and ex-wives said they wished their spouses had worked harder, and 35% of the ex-husbands and 21% of ex-wives said they wished they, themselves, had worked harder.

Among married adults who are born again evangelicals, 26% have experienced a divorce.

(Barna 2008) https:// 23% of married born again Christians get divorced two or more times.

(2.8% for Widowed, 1.9% for Never Married, 1.0% for Married.) Children From Disrupted Marriages Vs.

Those Living With Both Original Parents: Health vulnerability scores are from 20% to 35% higher than for children living with both original parents.

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