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This will make the relationship between the two Sims strong enough to move on to the next step.Click on the Sim you want to fall in love with and select any romantic interactions. He has contributed to "Eye on Life," Kingdom Hearts Ultimania and several online publications. At that point in the evolution of the game Life Points were the "rare currency" in the game, so anything you could do that had even the chance of supplying them was worth doing.Life Points no longer occupy that position - they have been succeeded by ) will be rather rare on the ground -- but once you get past the obligatory tutorial phase of this second and more advanced "new" quests system and then work your way through the basic quests that follow it .Click on the Sim you want your Sim to fall in love with and select the "Friendly Introduction" social option.This allows your Sim to meet the other Sim if they have not done so already.

Note that this action will NOT appear in a regular bookshelf)(To complete this goal you will need to use the Be Nice Action to raise your relationship to Best Friend, then the Be Romantic Option to raise it to the point where the Woo Hoo Action unlocks, then use the Woo Hoo Action to complete the goal) jbdean I'm not getting ANY of the quests you list. Open the cheat command console by holding down the "Shift," "Ctrl" and "C" keys on your keyboard.Type in the cheat code "testingcheatsenabled true" without quotations and press "Enter." This will enable the testing cheats, which allow you to manipulate various game functions, including relationship levels.Sims that have a negative relationship score with your Sim or are in committed relationships with other Sims are more difficult to attract.If you want to play matchmaker for your Sims and do not want to spend the extra time building the relationship, use cheat codes to force the Sims to instantly fall in love.

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