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In the southeastern portion of the state, warming temperatures also are implicated in a massive die-off of 500,000 acres of yellow cedar — possibly the most economically valuable tree of the Tongass National Forest.Meanwhile, more than 10,000 ponds in Alaska have either shrunk or disappeared completely since the 1950s, according to research by scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.According to White, the record of ancient climate changes shows us where we may be headed in the long term if we continue to avoid grappling with the challenge of global warming.White and other paleoclimatologists increasingly offer the example of the Pliocene Epoch, which ended 1.8 million years ago.As the increasingly ice-free coast is left vulnerable to storm surges, and permafrost continues its dramatic meltdown, Alaskan towns like Shishmaref are slipping into the Arctic Ocean.

Other impacts, such as warming of soils in the Arctic tundra, could enhance the warming even further.These changes, the researchers concluded, may trigger a cascade of harm to plants and animals, including reductions in waterfowl species.Of course, the overwhelming majority of scientists attribute the warming that’s triggering these changes to our emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases.But there are some worrying signs that as the Arctic warms, some of the carbon is beginning to flood into the atmosphere.In the long run, if enough of Greenland were to melt “we could go from a few degrees warming to 20 degrees of warming, and from 1 meter of sea level rise to 25 meters,” White says.

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