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So many people just get scared and pay the 100 pounds fine so they just try it on.

A woman I used to work with opposed Parking Eye over a charge in England once, about three years ago... You were allowed to appeal in the grounds of the amount is disproportionate, it's supposed to cover their losses, but they are resisting this more now. If there is any doubt, before appealing it's worth talking to the regulators - BPA. Just go on the Martin Lewis web like someone suggested unless it's council property and the council sending the letters they won't do anything this is the 2nd time for us and they just give up in the end.

But to ignore fines without checking if they are kosher or not is dangerous.

My brother had a CCJ from a 1 parking fee when he keyed in his car reg incorrectly.

To clear his name involved 155 and time to get to set aside.I had loads of letters and ignored each one but they got more threatening each time.In the end I threatened their 'solicitors' with legal action and told them I would report them to the SRA.Hi all I received a parking charge notice from parking eye a few weeks ago saying I had overstayed whilst at the shops.I don't know if it was me or my husband who was there that day.

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