Separation laws for dating south carolina

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To file for divorce on the “no-fault” basis of one year of continuous separation, you and your spouse must live in separate residences for a full year.However, you can file for an order of separate support and maintenance as soon as you are living apart from each other.Issues such as child custody, visitation, and support, which spouse will remain in the marital home, who will be responsible for paying the mortgage and other costs associated with the home during the separation period, closing joint accounts, allocating marital debt, transferring titles to personal property, such as automobiles and boats, into one spouse’s name or the other’s, (depending on who retains possession of the property), spousal support, and health insurance are addressed in an Order of Separate Maintenance and Support.

The court will accept the sworn testimony of the plaintiff and one witness.

However, a final order in this case will deal with separate maintenance and support only.

The separated couple would still have to file divorce papers after one year of separation.

Filing first might lend a few practical advantages, however, depending on your concerns.

Marital separation can be particularly complicated in Arkansas because the state recognizes two types of marriages and three kinds of legal separation.

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