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However, their "new Russian" man was letting himself too much: having so much money, power, and charisma, he was getting with many other women.

At one moment, the "blonde" had enough of being just "one of many", and broke the relationship with her rich friend.

In any case, it's important to realize the motivations of all the parties involved as it makes things much easier.

This desire and curiosity that express themselves from both sides can be quite a good thing in itself: there are many examples of people who found each other and lived happily after...

Men who travel to Russia are often interested in Russian women (and many of them – we estimate 30% – come specifically for that reason) and Russian women – in general – are not against marrying an interesting foreign man.

There is demand, there is supply, and so there is a "Russian bride" marketplace.

She is looking for a sincere relationship and wants to create a real stable family with a husband who will love her, understand her, and care about her. She would like to have a safe enviroment for her family and - partially - this makes her look for the future husband abroad, because it is considered that a foreigner can have a much more stable situation (socially and financially), than a Russian.In most cases, these agencies have a database of women who want to find a foreign husband and a database of men who want to find a wife from another country.The marriage agencies make money by selling entries from these databases to men and women, who want to find a partner.There are many reasons for the whole "Russian bride" industry to exist, but let's look straight into the core.What would make one purposefully decide that they want to find a partner abroad?

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