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While you’re busy scaling and earning more, they are busy trying to squeeze the margin line.

When you’re in a normal social setting always have a few “cost saving tips” in the back of your head, this will make it seem like you’re in the same conversation as they are.

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If you own all of the real estate in your neighborhood or you show up in company filings as owning 10% of a public company’s stock… The best way to avoid this is by having multiple streams of semi-passive and passive cash flows. Well you tell the real estate people that is your primary business and you tell the internet side that is your primary business.

If you build out multiple internet businesses that generate 0K a year, then build out a bunch of real estate assets that generate 0K a year… Now both sides of the fence think you’re only making K a month. If you work online, this is not a good set up since you could spend your time responding to emails, making small updates or researching in general.

Now we realize on first glance that these numbers may seem low or high (depending on the age of the reader) but it is certainly possible to get two streams of cash flow to K a month and have no one think you’re rich. Making money while you’re in transit is a lot better than spending your time avoiding incompetent drivers on the road.

If you’re famous, people already know you have money. On top of that, the people you attract will be “angling” for something.

If you’re simply a happy go lucky guy or a calm person, you’ll attract much less attention.

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