Reggie bush not dating black women

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Essence has gotten away from self love and really setting standards for yourself and our men. It's been a while since i posted here *computer virus* I missed ya'll.

Essence tells black women that they're not good enough unless they have a black man by their side. I can't wait for [email protected] "I am working on a BIG BIG BIG project that requires combing through old archived issues of ESSENCE ( we’re talking microfiche y’all) and to read the old issues will make you weep at the magazine’s decline."I've known since i were a kid something was wrong with these mags that alledgedly cater to black women. Also i'd like to add that i'm not understanding how people can think that we should not be offended by the issue.

ESSENCE, the magazine where "Black Women Come First" *snickers* decided to put what some are calling and old pic of Reggie Bush on the cover of the "Black Men, Love & Relationship" issue. Bush currently dates a woman who is not African American. One can only assume that ESSENCE did this intentionally to get a rise out of Black women to place a man on the cover of their LOVE & RELATIONSHIP who isn't in a relationship with a Black woman.

Although some have gone to great pains to point out she is Armenian, I would ask them to pull out a map of say.. After all, its supposed to be a magazine where BLACK WOMEN come FIRST.*snickers* I've got that Angel Burt Murray is going to be writing one of her essays whining and complaining about the reaction, despite the fact that they did this on purpose.

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Essence, if I had to give you guys a grade based on the cover, I would give you a D .

I agree w/Shawn I've been a faithful subscriber since the early nineties, and I remember when the magazine actually had *useful*, higher-level content--now each issue is all sex, sex, sex (ladies, look at your previous issues & count the ones that DON'T have the word 'sex' on the cover--amazing!!

) We are smarter and far better than this, Essence, and you'd better make some changes QUICK before your readers do (to another magazine!!

And it's becoming clear that Essence is no longer concerned with doing that either. It's not even about the race thing, his girlfriend is famous for a sex tape!! Yeah he looks good but he's investing his money in someone who's not a sister...further tearing down the black community... I don't think it would've killed Essence to find a Black man (hello Lance Gross) who is with a Black woman and who has a killer body to be on the cover.

I'm not interested in what he looks for in a potential mate or anything else he has to say. Yes Reggie is entitled to be with whatever race of woman he chooses, but why not highlight a man who chooses to be with a Black woman for a Black woman's magazine?!

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