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This scene is both shockingly powerful and hilariously funny all at once. The BBFC still felt that the bestiality theme was contentious and that the dream sequence may feed into the rape myth that women secretly desire to be raped.

Ultimately, it was concluded that the very fantastical nature of the sequence and its clearly symbolic nature mitigated against any likelihood of harm.

Lucy immediately becomes fascinated with Romilda, and stumbles upon her diary.

The tale is told of the day she was brutally attacked in the woods by a comical man / beast creature with a extra large penis.

Certainly, there are still a great many shots which we feel might be vulnerable at law, and beyond that, there is also much footage which we feel vastly exceeds the standards accepted by the vast majority of local authorities.

The problem is that, with a director of Borowczyk's stature, the cutting required might be such as to damage the film artistically, and I do not think the Board would want to become involved in a war of attrition on a film of such consequence .

In spite of the reductions already made, the Board was sceptical about whether the film would be acceptable to the majority of local authorities, on whose behalf the BBFC classified films.

Part of the problem was the film's sexual explicitness, even in the reduced version, which exceeded the standards currently accepted for the X category.

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An insane adult reworking of The Beauty and the Beast tale.

This erotic fable was originally to be part of the Immoral Tales (1974) anthology, yet was put aside due to it's controversial subject matter then later transformed into this film.

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