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The agency was going to label the fecal transplant an “investigational new drug,” or IND.“And at one point I was in renal failure.” After a friend found her unconscious in her house, she was rushed to the emergency room and spent three days in the hospital.These severe dehydration incidents left a permanent mark — Catherine’s kidney function had decreased.

It is sort of this space of infinite possibilities." At the same time, even though Room 104 tries on a lot of different types of experimental storytelling, Mark Duplass wanted to make sure we knew that the series wasn't just "how f***ing crazy things can get in a hotel room.

Bill ordered a glass of beer, took a long swig and nearly thrown up from its disgusting taste.

He handed it back to the waitress and told her that he is not going to pay for this piss.

When she was finally let out of the booth, she found the doors of her Chevrolet Tahoe open and a canine sniffing through the glove compartment.

Guards guided mirrors underneath the car, checking for explosives.

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