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Stars: Chris Aultman, Alex Cornelissen, Chad Halstead, Peter Hammarstedt Whale Wars: From Pirate to Prisoner features Peter Bethune as he shares his experiences where cameras could not follow - on board the ship that took him into custody, held him for nearly a ...See full summary » Stars: Chris Aultman, Captain Pete Bethune, Laura Dakin, Laurens de Groot With low oil and drinking water, and a damaged helicopter, the Sea Shepherd's hunt for the Japanese whaling fleet has been brought to a halt.The CDC, the NYPD and the FBI team up to respond to the threat of NYC's first biological attack since 2001: Anthrax.The CDC detects a mysterious illness that is targeting young girls ...See full summary » Director: Philippe Denham OCEAN WARRIORS weaves stories of courage and conflict, from the Antarctic's remote Southern Ocean, to the coral reefs of Tanzania and the vast tuna fisheries of the Western Pacific. See full summary » Star: Simon Ager Every day, deadly diseases mutate at a rate that far outpaces modern medicine.Watch as small town doctors at community hospitals, and top scientists at the CDC battle outbreaks such as ...Meanwhile, things go terribly wrong on one of the Sea Shepherd vessels.The engine is fried and the ship is dead in the water.

Stars: Paul Watson, Alex Cornelissen, Zoe Beckett, Peter Hammarstedt Paul Watson is captain and founder of Sea Shepherd, a radical environmental group made up of self-proclaimed eco-pirates who fight for marine conservation. See full summary » Stars: Chris Aultman, Scott Bell, Peter Brown, Laurens de Groot Sea Shepherds finally spot a Japanese whaling ship, the harpoon vessel Yushin Maru #2.

Meanwhile, the Sea Shepherd's speedboat, Ady Gil, has returned to dock to repair their damaged radar.

Star: Captain Pete Bethune The ship's engineer reports that one of two engines is broken.

Star: Captain Pete Bethune Captain Paul Watson's crew of volunteers refuses to back down from the whalers, vowing to follow the fleet to the ends of the earth.

Finally, after 30 years, Watson sees his life's work paid off with the ultimate victory.

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