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Aging with HIV infection also presents special challenges for preventing other diseases because both age and HIV increase risk for cardiovascular disease, bone loss, and certain cancers.

Older HIV patients and their care providers need to maximize prevention efforts against these conditions and remain vigilant for early signs of illness.

Older people in the United States are more likely than younger people to have late stage HIV infection at the time of diagnosis, which means they start treatment late and possibly suffer more immune-system damage.

Late diagnoses can occur because health care providers may not always test older people for HIV infection.

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The final section focuses on the specific human rights responsibilities of governments in the context of HIV/AIDS and includes a framework for monitoring government action.The concept of human rights has a long history, but the modern human rights movement dates back about 50 years to when the promotion of human rights was set out as one of the purposes and principles of the newly created United Nations. A number of international human rights treaties exist that further elaborate the rights set out in the UDHR, including: Each of these documents lays out legally binding obligations for the governments that sign on to them.The key human rights document and the cornerstone of the modern human rights movement is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Countries that become party to international human rights treaties accept certain procedures and responsibilities, including periodic submission of reports on their compliance with the substantive provisions of the texts to international monitoring bodies.The strong focus in the 1980s on the human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS also helped lead to increased understanding in the 1990s of the importance of human rights as a factor in determining people's vulnerability to HIV infection and their consequent risk of acquiring HIV infection as well the probability of their accessing appropriate care and support.(5) The interaction between HIV/AIDS and human rights is most often illustrated through the impact on the lives of individuals of neglect, denial, and violation of their rights in the context of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.This applies, albeit in different ways, to women, men, and children infected with, affected by, and vulnerable to HIV.

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