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Such officers tend to despise attempts to impose standards of best practice, and instead fall in with the ducking and diving of the very criminals they are supposed to be catching.

This has probably been exacerbated still further by the arrival in the upper ranks in recent years of officers with university degrees spouting managerial jargon, provoking a contempt which has only reinforced the belief that officers are entitled to act with impunity.

But this crucial observation was totally swamped by the furore over the report’s allegation of institutional police racism, for which there was in fact no evidence whatever.

Now the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, faces a grilling this week by the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee over his apparent failure to hold corrupt Met officers accountable.

For the exposure of police corruption depends on informal contacts between police sources and journalists.

Why don't you try this [the circus that pertains to the case]? John: Thanks, but I don't come to you for dating advice.To suggest otherwise is to reveal that politicians are failing the public.So to suppress any such suggestion, police whistle-blowers are treated like criminals — while the real criminals, inside the force and out, get away with it.The scandal also involves Newham council, where an official had warned senior police officers about the implications both for the Government and council in the run-up to the Olympics if the trial of a council contractor, who was threatening to blow the whistle on council corruption, went ahead. All of this gives rise to two fundamental questions: what has gone wrong with the Metropolitan Police, and what has gone wrong with the system which is patently so badly failing to hold this and other forces to account?It is a culture of self-consciously hard men, who are recruited from among the same kind of folk who turn into career criminals.

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