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I complained and asked for refund and they have charged me almost the same as the cost because I did too much contact ... Read Full Review Here is exactly what they wrote back to me after requesting an annulment the oder within the 14 day 'cooling-off' period- ————————————————————————————- Wir berechnen Ihnen also folgenden Wertersatz: Ihr Produktpreis: 239,40 EUR (ohne eventuelle Aufschläge für Teilzahlungen) Laufzeit Ihres Produkts (Monate): 12 Laufzeitbezogene garantierte Kontakte: 7 Davon zustande gekommene Kontakte: 8 Bereits von Ihnen gezahlt: 239,40 EUR …

I was not aware of this so reversed the payment on the same day as it was taken.

Read Full Review I payed for half year, but after a few weeks i quit it even tho I had given the money!! Didn't like the guys, very weird antisocial who think they pay a lot and they get over their problems with money. Three did not even bother to look at my profile, which means most probably they are no longer members.

I met one person quite quickly for two hours, he lived to far away for my criteria…

It is a relationship site based on a unique compatibility test which assesses the way each member is likely to behave in a relationship and assesses personality, aspirations, interests and lifestyle.

They wrote to me demanding money and claimed they did not receive a cancellation notice. I am sorry to hear that you no longer wish to use PARSHIP. Read Full Review I am having a horrendous experience with Parship! Read Full Review I canceled my membership from the site after 6 days because I couldn’t see the men’s pictures (and therefore I couldn’t tell if I liked the men or not) and they are refusing to reimburse me,although they had stated that members have 14 days to change their minds. Here is a copy and paste of their email to me: Parship by Email on Dear Ms., Thank you for your e-mail.It is pricey and you have to watch out for the automatic renewal but overall I would say give it a go… Only a few choices of contacts with blurred out pictures. Read Full Review AVOID PARSHIP LIKE THE PLAGUE I was drawn to Parship by the Personality Testing. I had a couple of dates (in London) with girls with whom I had decent conversation but with whom there was NO CHEMISTRY, which is pretty crucial.Even after I released my pictures to contacts they could not be viewed as they remained blurred. Then I found the love of my life with Guardian Soul Mates and we've been happy for three years.

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