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Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of quartz sand (106–150 or 150–200 μm) in bioclastic carbonate–quartz sediments sampled from coastal relict foredunes (beach ridges) was undertaken to evaluate the utility of the OSL method for studies of dune dynamics and to quantify rates of coastal progradation.Twelve sediment samples from a 4 km transect across a Holocene embayment fill at Guichen Bay, South Australia, were measured for their luminescence characteristics.Amino acid racemisation dating of fossils, such as eggshell and mollusc shell, found at archaeological and geological sites is performed at the University of Wollongong in a new AAR laboratory housed in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

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Located in the SEES microscopy laboratory, the new equipment includes a SZ61 Stereo Microscope with reflected and transmitted light; a BX51 Microscope with Bertrand lens and a geological stage; and a BX51TRF Microscope with transmitted and reflected light.OSL dating can be used to determine the time since naturally occurring minerals, such as quartz and feldspar, were last exposed to light within the last few hundreds of thousands of years.It is one of the main methods used to establish the timing of key events in archaeology and human evolution, landscape and climate change, and palaeobiology in the latter half of the Quaternary.C) dating of specific organic compounds is able to be completed at the Radicarbon Dating Sample Preparation Laboratory within the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences.In this laboratory, individual biomolecules can be identified, extracted and purified for dating, under the direction of Allan Chivas.

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