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There are numerous reasons to ditch your TV, downsizing (who needs that big screen? Monthly high-speed plans can be purchased for as little as a month, depending on the speed and data you require.But many online viewing options are free, and even the fee-based options cost far less than a monthly cable bill.But, with the introduction of the App Store, that changed.

As yet, TV shows aren't offered, but for those who watch a lot of movies, it could fill a gap.Netflix: For .99 per month, subscribers can watch any of the service's streaming content on computers or mobile device.Netflix offers a growing inventory of TV shows, but, for now at least, its catalog of current shows only includes their past seasons.Amazon Instant Video: Amazon's instant streaming service is similar to i Tunes and Google Play, offering episodes and full seasons of a large inventory of shows.If you have Amazon's Prime service, which offers free shipping on select orders for a year or .99 per month, you also have access to a catalog of streaming content, including past seasons of hits like Downton Abbey, Army Wives and Parenthood.

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