My boyfriend has a profile on a dating site

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The fact that he was angry with her for getting caught only emphasizes the issue of his guilt.

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Good luck in future relations, and as for the suggestion you try to work it out, um, NOT! I'm living with a man I really love right now, and I would be devastated to find out that he was out picking up other women while I was at work!

Maybe you can surf POF together next time, its fun shooting the breeze with strangers, there is much more to this thing then hooking up let me tell, this goes right along with you thinking that you are the only female that this one guy on this site, is contacting.ladies, when you're not online, these same men are chatting with other females,and getting hook ups, it's all you know i'am not lying. A) The OP could easily have stumbled accross the history of this person's internet activity while looking for something of her own interest in the history of log ons.

B)My computer has that auto log on thing, so I can easily access my roommmates profile, but I wouldn't because that is unethical.

AND...before you all start commenting: He knows that I'm on this site (and it even says on my profile that I'm only here for the forums, and that I'm in a great relationship), and occasionally he goes and reads the comments I make (and usually laughs at references to himself).

Regardless of how you found out about it, he's a sneaky jerk, and has no right to get pissed off because you caught him being one.

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