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Instead of keeping a low profile and praying the SEC doesn’t come calling, some startups have been beating a path straight to their door, seeking their tacit approval.

There are three types of federal securities permissions that ICOs – or indeed any company seeking to trade a security – can apply for: Regulation D, Regulation S, and Regulation A .

Meanwhile, a number of companies have filed for A regulation, seeking express approval to sell security tokens to the public.

(paywalled) reported that the SEC had issued scores of subpoenas against companies that had filed initial coin offerings.

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“Regulation A is similar to a pre-sale or perk crowdfunding campaign offered on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but also allows us to offer participants equity in our company in the form of Helix tokens, similar to cryptocurrencies,” he said.

Sovereign, a philanthropic cryptocurrency targeted at Fortune 500 companies, is also considering going down this route. For one thing, issuers are limited to raising million in a 12-month period, although this solution does at least negate the need for investors to be accredited by the SEC.

Not only has it come after the startups themselves, but it’s reported to have subpoenaed their legal counsel too, as it pursues lawyers who may have facilitated any potential wrongdoing.No specifics were provided however, leaving commenters to speculate on the scope and target of the offensive.In such scenarios, it is common for a single company to receive multiple subpoenas, so it is unlikely that the SEC has taken on the entire ICO landscape.With the SEC yet to comment on the matter, speculation has mounted.The regulatory agency’s position on initial coin offerings, as voiced by its chairman Jay Clayton, is well documented. investors will attest, trying to find a crowdsale that will accept their contribution is nigh impossible now.

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