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There are hints of what was to come in the second movie, with the political world outside the bubble of Rydell High vaguely established by references to the Russians in space, Jackie Kennedy's hair and the nuclear threat.

But a member of the T-Birds, Louis De Mucci (Pater Frenchette), fakes a nuclear attack to try and trick his girlfriend into giving up her virginity in a fallout shelter, singing that they'll be "doing it for the Statue of Liberty...

A life in the spotlight: Hayley Mills is well-known for her role as Pollyanna (left) when she was just 14, but now at 69, she makes sure to eat well and exercise regularly to maintain her youthful appearance ‘One of the problems you have is you get so wound up because it’s such a fast-paced comedy and it is very difficult to switch off…

and if it’s difficult to switch off you can’t sleep and then you start to lose your appetite and it becomes a vicious cycle.’‘Juliet and I go to the gym every day and even if I had a bad night I go because it generates oxygen into my brain and exercise is a marvelous way to keep my energy levels up and to maintain balance,’ the golden globe winner said.

It entered its 58-day shoot working from an unfinished script, with Didi Conn (reappearing as Frenchy, though she vanishes halfway through the movie) calling the production "rushed, frantic and unorganised".

Its stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield failed to get along, Pfeiffer later labelling her on-screen lover as "self-adoring".

(The plot is a rerun of the original, albeit with a gender reversal.

Set in 1961, two years after Danny and Sandy headed skywards in their red convertible, we open on a new school year at Rydell High School as Sandy's cousin Michael (Caulfield) arrives from England.

Also of interest in , when scheduled, were going to take the franchise into the late '60s and then the Watergate era, with the rockers of the first two movies superseded by the disillusioned kids of the counterculture.But the truth is, it's nowhere near as bad as everyone makes out.It is, in fact, something of a camp classic, enjoyable on its own terms and boasting a marvellously insouciant performance from Pfeiffer as the leader of the Pink Ladies.I didn’t think it was going to happen, and then they made it with other people." The multi-Grammy winner and Travolta, 62, starred as Sandy and Danny, respectively, in the 1978 classic Grease. It followed unpopular teen Michael (Caulfield) who tries to impress and win the affection of Pfeiffer's Pink Lady member, Stephanie. ) Newton-John and Travolta didn't make cameos, but Grease stars Didi Conn and Dody Goodman reprised their roles as Frenchy and Blanche.Four years later, Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield starred in Grease 2. In February, fans got to relive the Rydell High days thanks to Fox's Grease: Live musical production.

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