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My response is usually a polite decline or an “I’ll think about it”. Or let me rephrase that slightly, there are single men but they don’t seem to be interested in meeting the single women.But the recent events of the last couple of months have prompted me to speak out…. I remember the good old days when my female friends and I would go out for a meal and come back with two men each having asked for our numbers! More worrying is the effect this is having on single women.Ever since I started writing, all my friends have tried to give me suggestions on what to write about.Any little thing that happens they call and say, “Glory you must write about this”! Do we have to draw them a map that leads straight to the land of single women? Majority of Nigerian Cities (and elsewhere I’d imagine) seem to be littered with single women and no single men.A woman is said to have a blocked Fallopian tube when an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling down the tube. This is also known as tubal factor infertility, and it accounts for infertility in about 40% of infertile women.Every month, when ovulation occurs, an egg is released from one of the ovaries.She is one of those girls any man could easily stare at for hours without getting tried. But what worried me the most was that she equated her single status with being ugly.

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I guess if the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammed, Mohammed will just have to go to that mountain.

So is this the alternative, remain single forever or chase the men yourself?

So you can imagine my complete and utter confusion when after we attended what I assumed to be quite a fun party last Saturday, she turned to me in the car and asked “Glory is there something wrong with me? I only seem to attract married men or guys in relationships. Take today for example, no guy came to talk to me, not even one! Tunde, who coincidentally is Temi’s brother, is always complaining about how Lagos girls no longer let men chase them.

” At first I thought she was referring to her make up but the look in her eyes told me she meant something entirely different. The other day he was telling Temi and I about a girl who had approached him at a bar, took his number and called him the very next day offering to take him out for drinks and pay.

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