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Also remember, you do have to link your Instagram if you are worried about privacy there as well.

Unfortunately, we are still living in an age where Mark Zuckerberg rules our lives, and we need Facebook in order to find true love on Tinder.

I know an entire sky would be insane to do, but I have a willingness to try.

One day, in an act of pure annoyance, I actually deleted Facebook from my phone.

Unfortunately, a deal, because your personal, sexual, and romantic information actually isn't being disclosed to anyone but you — if you're careful.

I've found a way to practically never go on Facebook (yes, I get to avoid all those political posts from my friends' aunts) while still maintaining an active dating life on Tinder.

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After all, the two of you understand each other so well it ought to be easy to keep things spicy.Sorry, I guess there goes my dream of being an investigative journalist.Next, you can choose what information your Facebook will share, or link, with Tinder.When creating a Tinder profile, it will pull information from your Facebook in order to help fill out some of your information in the Tinder app, and complete the algorithm to find you the best matches.(Oh, you liked the Nickelback fan page on Facebook?

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