Is milfshookup for real

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Any email correspondence sent to us was sent via the "Online Cupids" marketing program.

The emails according to the terms and conditions are "automatically generated emails with no human involvement".

Just the fact that the website admits to this fraud is amazing.

But what is more amazing is that this site is still operating after many years of being online. Where is the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that is there to protect consumers from these type of businesses?

The Online CupidsĀ® service is also intended to proactively monitor user activities and other communications to ensure compliance with Our Privacy Policy, internal operating policies, and Our Terms and Conditions." Would you be shocked to learn that some people have the job of interacting with members on this site and pretend that they are looking to meet people.

These employees and third party contractors that represent the site act as if they're legitimate people.

It's hard to believe they haven't gotten a knock on the door by government officials as of yet.

Unfortunately they've been in business for many years and continue with their fraudulent deceptive marketing agenda.

In the terms and conditions section 9 they stated the site is built and designed like a dating site but it's actually an entertainment service.

It basically means that this is not a real dating site you're just looking at a form of entertainment like watching a football game or something to that effect.

It's quite amazing what they are revealing here.

You may have noticed that after you send 3 free emails you can no longer send emails to anyone else. Unfortunately the only emails we received were completely bogus.

"Online Cupids" wish we have already determined to be fake profiles were used to send us computer generated email correspondence as well as to all other to free members.

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