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The purpose of gaslighting is to manipulate and control another individual (and even entire groups of people).In this episode, Co-host Michelle Matthews-Calloway provides 11 things to look for when determining if you’re being gaslighted in your...In a little while she came riding up, beautiful in her non-fussy way: blonde hair streaming, her glasses straight on her nose, the wind rippling her white blouse and the blue flower-print skirt.With a same raspy low voice I suggested we go look for my mail. It doesn't seem like being alone is the best thing for you tonight, Darrell. In her new book, Amber Wright, our favorite Conversation Coach asks the question, “Can We Talk?” 10 Life Lessons On Finding Your Voice & Finding Yourself.” Podcast Co-Host Michelle Matthews-Calloway, Ph D chats with Amber about her new book....Podcast co-host Adrienne London Leach chats with Stacy-Ann Gooden, aka “The Weather Anchor Mama.” Born in Jamaica but raised in the US, Stacy-Ann and her Irish/German husband enjoy life, laughter and love as their raise their two children.Podcast co-host Adrienne London Leach chats with interracial romance author Charmaine T. Interracially married since 1992, Charmaine seeks to promote the virtues of equality, respectability and romance in marriages between Black women and men...

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We also added a special new page to the blog - and will update it... Jones is the creator and host of 2 popular shows on Blog Talk Radio – Hand and Footprints: What’s Your Legacy?" The Swirl World Podcast Co-Host Adrienne London Leach provided a video response. The Swirl World Co-Host Adrienne London Leach engages in some “tech talk” with online web designer and entrepreneur Chrissy Jackson Marquardt.The Jamaican-born Marquardt is the married mother of 3 boys – and a Swirler!It’s a New Year, and it’s time to take charge of our lives!Listen as The Swirl World Podcast co-host Michelle Matthews-Calloway, Ph D provides six practical things you can do to take charge of your life in 2018.

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