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If she had, my response would have been “to look this good does takes time you know.” I’d been quite impressed by a comment she’d made during her presentation at the Expat Housing Seminar, where she said that buying a property is like falling in love. “I’ve been in the real estate business for over 15 years, and if you think about it, the process that you go through when choosing a place to buy is like selecting the ideal partner.It’s one of the biggest decisions that people make in their lives, so using the falling in love metaphor, my job is to make sure that people don’t choose the wrong partner.” If only she’d been around several years ago, she could have helped me avoid a catalog of bad choices with Russians, French, and Croatians, but then I had to remember that she was talking about property, not women.At the front a light bedroom with three windows in a row.A fixed trap brings you a few steps in the lower rear wall room. Finally via a well-walked staircase to a large attic floor which is now also a bedroom.Well finished with a roof tile, roof and side window and the beam construction of the high hood in sight.We are looking forward to show you this particular house once.A few steps away to the backside you will find a second room with different possibilities.On the second floor there is a bathroom with a bathtub, a shower and a washing machine connection.

I should also add that in spite of the terrible weather that day, there were still a couple of Dutch women sat outside the cafe smoking.The Shallow Man recently wrote about the Expat Housing Seminar an event that provided in-depth advice to expats on how to buy property in the Netherlands.One of the most impressive presenters there was the makelaar Mie-Lan Kok.The Oudekamp 16, a beautiful monumental mansion is part of the historic Museumkwartier will be available from until .The beloved street runs parallel to the Nieuwegracht, has hardly any traffic and is seen by many as one of the most attractive places in Utrecht.

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