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I heard a rumor recently that supposedly Kris Jenner pretty much ordered her privileged daughter Kim Kardashian to make that now infamous sex tape with Ray J.

I guess it wouldn’t be totally out there to say that she didn’t let Kim Kardashian Superstar do the dirty on camera with Ray J.

That sex tape has made all the parties involved a serious amount of cash and exposure.

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Call me a skeptic if you like but I have a strong feeling that nothing happens within the Kardashian’s without Kris having her hand in it.

They got so mad at me but it was about time that I showed them up.

Since I got the early worm my worm so to speak has been balls deep in 100% exclusive big boobs action.

The same thing goes for when there’s good deals to be found on porn.

My friends are always telling me that I’m just to slow for anything, but I’m about to show them up.

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