Holiday dating etiquette

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I began by asking if she wanted to ask her son if he would be interested in it, because it not, maybe it would be better suited to her other son. ) 0226-18 In case it’s a regional thing, let me explain the event where this occurred.

She wrote back immediately saying she didn’t need to ask, she was sure her son would love to receive it as a wedding gift. By some of the language and terminology I get the impression that many of the readers are in the UK, but I could be wrong.

When Sally’s mom showed up to pick her up about 20 minutes later, I was occupied with something else and didn’t really notice.

When I walked into the kitchen you can imagine my surprise when there are Sally and Sally’s mom.

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There was no arguing, the boxes arrived and that was what you received from the estate. So we always intended to pass these items down to the siblings children, grandmothers great-grandchildren. The first of the great-grandchildren is about to be married. I was angry enough to consider not sending the silver at all. I wrote her back immediately thanking her and letting her know I would be sending it.

I went a little overboard and spent about on ice cream and tons of toppings including fruit, candy, chocolate chips, nuts, whipped creme, etc.

I gave each of the girls a red solo cup and told them to have at it.

My story is about one of the moms of my 9 year old daughter’s “best friend” who I will call Sally.

The kid is very poorly behaved and has terrible boundaries and the mom is worse, but my daughter seems to be crazy about her so she wants her to be invited to all of her parties and such.

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