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They are not fully mentally developed and there fore being taken advantage of. They're more than 10 years apart in age, and have different fathers.The youngest one was born with twisted feet, that have been operated on 4 times, so he could walk.But due to my disability giving me a Grade 10 intelligence level (Age 15), I was also declaired under age, so no charges. It would have to be someone who had a slight issue if it was mental.Instead I got sent to a 12 week Sex Offenders Program to learn why it's wrong for people with disabilities to have sex. Handicap is fine as long as they are there mentally.Many of the people I work with are the same way, they don't enjoy having their limitations pointed out to them and many of them have endured a long, cruel history where they were teased for being different and have developed some extra sensitivity.If you are interested in dating him you should be able to find a tactful way to discuss it with him.Now no one right off the bat notices he's "different". I tell him he might have to work harder, or do it differently.While he was in treatment, strangers saw the 2 full leg casts, and MANY were rude to me. His disability is physical, he's sweet tempered, and smart.

Not good for you or your potential partner for there to be any possibility of you being accused of taking advantage of somebody. He was handsome, and confident, and the sweetest guy I had ever met.They are a minority of my case load, but they are there.Even the people I work with who are high functioning work with me because they need some extra support to help them.with a few descriptions of what it's like to have this syndrome. Posts8076289And here's a link to a page found through Google...

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