Hacked cams updating my kitchen

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Two popular gaming forums have been hacked leaking the details 2.5 million accounts globally.The hack breached forums 'XBOX360 ISO' and 'PSP ISO' in 2015 but details of the leak are only just coming to light.The FBI’s elite hacker team designed a piece of malicious software that was to be delivered secretly when Mo signed on to his Yahoo e-mail account, from any computer anywhere in the world, according to the documents.The goal of the software was to gather a range of information — Web sites he had visited and indicators of the location of the computer — that would allow investigators to find Mo and tie him to the bomb threats.It is unclear who is behind the attacks but both forums were breached around the same time in September 2015.Attackers in data hacks such as these make money by selling on the leaked information.

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The name registered for the Google account, meanwhile, was “Soozan vf.” There was no obvious reference to Iran, even though a set of pictures Mo later e-mailed to investigators appeared to show an olive-skinned man in his late 20s, wearing what court documents described as an “Iranian tan camouflaged military uniform.” Over several months, Mo allegedly threatened to detonate bombs at a county jail, a Double Tree hotel, the University of Denver, the University of Texas, San Antonio International Airport, Washington-Dulles International Airport, Virginia Commonwealth University and other heavily used public facilities across the country, court documents show.'Data breaches are often sold via darkweb sites or within closed trading circles,' security expert Troy Hunt told Mail Online.'The prevalence of password reuse means that a relatively benign site can hold credentials that unlock far more valuable resources, for example email or social media accounts.Gaming ISO files are files copied from a video game's disk.Online surveillance pushes the boundaries of the constitution's limits on searches and seizures by gathering a broad range of information, some of it without direct connection to any crime.Critics compare it to a physical search in which the entire contents of a home are seized, not just those items suspected to offer evidence of a particular offense.

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