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“About 90 per cent of all crashes are below 20mph,” says Matthew Avery, Head of Research at Thatcham, the UK safety and security research centre.“Risk is obviously based on frequency as well as severity, and whiplash claims tend to come when crashes are between about 5 and 20mph.The idea is that a manufacturer would need to spend so much additional money to improve passive safety that it would be cheaper to fit an AEB system.Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General of Euro NCAP, said: “We don’t want to force them [car makers] into this immediately, but we’ve made it very clear that the best way to ensure a five-star rating from 2014 is to have AEB on the vehicle.” Further good news for motorists is that insurers have stated that cars fitted with AEB could have their ratings reduced by up to four groups by the end of 2012.Not only that, but Philippe Jean of the EC, said: “Our studies indicate that the resulting reduction in congestion due to accidents would represent an economic value of about €100 million (£78.5m) in Germany alone.” He believes the technology is so effective that he has announced that commercial vehicles will be required to have AEB fitted to gain European Type Approval from November 2013, a strategy that’s also under consideration for passenger cars.Yet even with the clear benefits, widespread take-up from manufacturers has been slow, particularly considering Volvo introduced AEB on its XC60 in 2008.

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“Our second goal is to make sure that the best system wins and is supported the most within the industry and then we can get standardisation, including a name that everybody understands.” Who is leading the way?It’s a minor collision, but getting the cars repaired will take time and most likely push up your insurance premium come renewal, and then there’s the ever-present threat of whiplash claims.Such accidents could soon be a thing of the past, for those driving new cars at least, thanks to Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).Matthew Avery, the Head of Research at Thatcham, believes that three manufacturers are leading the charge for AEB technology.First there’s Volvo, which made the first City Safety braking system, fitted as standard on its XC60 in 2008 (research has since shown that it has reduced crash frequency by about 25 per cent).

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