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To be sure, an estimated 40,000 applicants are rejected out of hand for simple lack of proper documentation.

Yet, of the 200,000 approved applications, the government investigates less than 1 percent for possible fraud. “It’s not an easy process, but at that point, they could be deported.”There are exceptions to the practice of granting clemency to Americans. A total of 11 Americans were indicted in a scheme that paired about three dozen Ugandans and Kenyans with an equal number of Maine residents, most of whom were family and friends of a Sabattus woman and her mother and sister.

Even fewer petitions lead to criminal prosecutions of U. citizens, who conceivably could face five years in prison and a 0,000 fine.“The ringleaders tell people, ‘You probably won’t get caught, and if you do, all that’s going to happen is they’ll sort of wag their finger at you,’” said Dan Lane, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigator who in July broke up a large fraud ring involving 39 sham marriages in Sacramento. In one recent case, in Maine, federal prosecutors targeted the complicit U. The orchestrator, 38-year-old Uganda native Rashid Kakande, was sentenced in June to two years in prison and fined ,000.

“Unfortunately, in some jurisdictions that’s the case.”The legal double standard has existed for decades. Nelson, director of what was then the Immigration and Naturalization Service, chided the government for expelling immigrants who engage in phony marriages while giving their citizen accomplices a pass. citizens is subject to a five-year statute of limitations, starting from the date of the marriage, deportation proceedings against immigrants can take place at any time.“If someone becomes a naturalized citizen by some sort of fraud perpetrated against the government, they can always be de-naturalized,” said Christopher S. Despite the uncommonly aggressive prosecution, the Maine case nevertheless exposes cracks in the fraud prevention system.

This visa allows the fiancé(e) of a US citizen to enter the United States for 90 days during which time they need to get married and then apply for a status adjustment.

This is an option to consider, but it should not be assumed to be a better or easier route. For example, it may be easier and less expensive get married abroad than in the US.

If the spouse is outside the US, he/she will have to file for an immigration visa with a US consulate having jurisdiction over their place of residence.

Take Free Eligibility Quiz US permanent residents, too, can sponsor spouses seeking to get a Green Card, but the process can take longer because a visa number will not be available immediately.

A suspicion that a marriage is fraudulent must be vetted at four levels — two at USCIS, two at ICE — before it is fully investigated. Another impediment to more rigorous review of the marriages, the inspector general’s audit found, was the overall caseload for the government interviewers.Government forms and filing requirements can be confusing and time-consuming. An application often consists of more than one form.Our instructions are personalized for you and specific to your application: where and how to file, supporting documents, interview tips, filing and biometric fees - everything you need to file your application with confidence. We automatically include all the forms that you need for your application.When the date is current, a visa number is available, and the beneficiary can apply for a visa or to adjust his or her status.US citizens can also consider a different procedure: the K-1 visa, or Fiancé(e) visa.

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