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Last summer, 13-year-old Tyisha Mc Coy was murdered in Harlem after meeting her killer on the Loup.

One fan of the New York Donut named "Donutman" created a tribute Web site - and posted a Daily News story about Tyisha's murder to warn female callers.

The new numbers will let parents block calls to the chat lines, just like they can block calls to 900 and 976 numbers. But after listening to the line for 24 hours, the Daily News discovered it's clear that younger teens were on the line, though the talk was adult: p.

I would have posted this on my original thread but can't find the damn thing, sorry I have to get up at 2am to work, and I didn't even feel so sick with nerves on my wedding day, it was an awful feeling....

I'm not sure if I admire you or think you're mad! FA Is the money good or shall I re-phrase that and say is it worth the money? Cleaning isn't too bad and the hours can be quite good if you have kids. You also have to make loads of trips out to re circulate the catalogues, then go back again to pick up their orders and then back again to deliver their stuff. If you reallly hate the job try to find other alternatives, I'm sure none will pay as much per hour as this one but..will be feeling better and that's worth every penny. don't know how you'get' that kind of 'job' though lol...

I can't do anything away from the house as I'm still expressing...

Ripple's dozens of chat lines have names like the New York Donut or the Philly Raven, where callers swap unprintable insults, filthy sex talk and personal details.

hopefully my confidence will kick in for tonights graveyard shift.... and worse things that I shan't go into at this hour (one man wnated to wear women's clothes and be paraded round town)..

You get callers who want to do awful things and you have to hang up, you get really rude people saying you're sh*te who hang up in the middle of your conversation... I'm doing it cos we're sknit, but I'm expressing full time and a full time mum and if anyone can think of a different job that earns £9 an hour that I could actually do then let me know!! got to go to IL's now, just wanted to tell the someone who said it was easy money that it isn't!!

A Daily News investigation found that the phone calls - from predator men, vulnerable girls and others looking for kicks - are making Lindsey Bowman rich.

Bowman, the 49-year-old owner of Ripple, didn't return Daily News calls seeking comment on Breanne Greig, the 16-year-old girl from upstate Orange County who ran away last month to meet men she talked to on one of his chat lines.

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