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You know, this country is heading for collapse and instead of fighting tooth and claw to stop the rot, they are impressing each other by making schoolboy jokes. What agony for Sandra Bullock, who found out from her publicist that her husband Jesse James was cheating on her.Mere hours before sordid details of his affair with a tattoo model appeared on American news-stands.Her spacious house is decorated in quiet good taste; all Farrow & Ball colour washes, white floorboards and silver framed photos.'You are probably having the party here because this home is so much nicer than yours,' a guest tells Muffy. Yet despite the camaraderie and fun, there is plenty to feel uncomfortable about.A home where she had been an excellent stepmother to his children from his previous two marriages. She is the grounded, smart Hollywood star who seemed to have her personal life worked out at last. For many years, the 45-year-old actress admitted she wanted to have a child, but would wait until she was in a stable relationship.Not for her, unlike Calista Flockheart and Meg Ryan, the quick trip down to adopt-a-tot to buy herself a brand new baby.In the wake of Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, John Terry and the rest, it seems that being a cheater is no longer enough.

Jamie is the most potent of all; he is bankable, he can sell anything. It might hurt to hear this, but look upon it as a rite of passage for the professionally glamorous forty-something woman. As their lead in the polls slips to two points, the Tories have called in the Saatchi brothers to boost their chances of winning the Election. When are the Cameroons going to wake up to the fact that George Osborne is their biggest problem?

My wife instantly began to discuss the possibility of putting a pot plant on top, perhaps filled with those appallingly expensive fake flowers from Liberty, before entering a sort of feng shui trance as she visualised how the table-stereo thing might fit in with the decor.

The R7 delivers sound from all kinds of sources: CDs, DAB, FM and internet radio, phones (via Bluetooth) and PCs (via Wi-Fi).

Yet another tells me that she has 'all the kitchen equipment money can buy' even though she never cooks a thing. Whatever way you look at it, that's an awful lot of designer junk in the kitchen trunk.

'My husband said to me: "You're going where tonight? Much of it is sold to people who don't really need it and, quite possibly, can't really afford it.

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