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Want to know who seems to be herself — and proud of it, at that — the...Remember last week when we told you about the legal call girl who detailed some of the crazy things she's had requested to her?Don't you guys remember that sweet, all-consuming feeling that someone in Hollywood might actually know you exist Ah, to be young again....

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There are a lot of women out there, especially in the modeling industry, who try their best to look and act like someone else.Take me for example, at first, I didn't like her at all — she just rubbed me the wrong way, like Gwyneth...Just last week we had the pleasure of introducing you guys to the lovely, Chelsea Morgensen, this year's Miss Hooters International winner and an all around great gal! It's no secret that we're BIG supermodel fans around these parts. Isn't life, if nothing else, about admiring beautiful things to distract us from imminent death? If you want to see her again, then avoid these common mistakes. If you've been searching high and low for Scarlett Johansson's Instagram, we're here to tell you that unfortunately, she doesn't have one! While you've sat shivering in your garden trying to convince yourself that the sun will come out...It's not easy to land a girl's number a lot of times.

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