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However the East Enders rep continued in firm denial of the reports: 'Danny has never walked off set, nor has he ever lost his temper or been rude to anyone at work.''Danny is an extremely popular member of cast and respected by everyone on the show.' The insider had previously told The Sun of Danny's 'swaggering' behaviour on set, which reportedly saw him 'rant and rave' at colleagues, and brag of the soap's need for his presence.The insider revealed: 'He could be nice one minute and the next he'd be ranting and raving, babbling about how s*** things are, and storming off.''When he wasn't complaining, he would walk around the set like Lord of the Manor, bragging about how East Enders would collapse if he left.' With the revelations following claims that friends were concerned his behaviour was 'spiralling out of control', the source went on to detail the arrogant heights the star had reached - amid his reported battle to give up booze.'He was just plain rude,' the source added.saying: 'The producers are concerned about him for a number of reasons.It is best that he takes some time out to sort his life out.' Central star: Show sources also claim that the withdrawal will be 'a nightmare' for scriptwriters and producers due to the fact Mick (pictured in the soap) is such a central character and storylines are plotted out months in advance However, another source played down the claims, telling Mail Online: 'It's not unusual for actors to take breaks from the show'. The 39-year-old (here in March 2014) show favourite is said to be taking a 'number of weeks' off work, in the hope he will recuperate after appearing 'exhausted' - with bosses determined to get him 'back to his best' - despite the move causing 'chaos as he is the star of the show'Back in 2015, Danny touched on his relationship with alcohol and East Enders producers as he wrote in his autobiography, The World According To Danny Dyer.But in recent months, he's reportedly been noticed to behave erratically.The actor, who stars in the BBC1 soap as Mick Carter, is taking a 'number of weeks' off work, in hopes he will recuperate after appearing 'exhausted' - with bosses determined to get him 'back to his best' - despite the move causing 'chaos as he is the star of the show'.I wouldn’t advise anyone to accept an award off your head.'The east London born actor added: 'I really admire her and want to give her a cuddle. They tried to put non-alcoholic beer in there but it don't come out properly...I love everything about her.' Afterwards, Mary joked: 'He was just a drunk chap. 'On a good day I slip over to the good pumps and have half a lager ...

Danny is always a consummate professional.'A source had claimed to the paper that the actor, who plays Mick Carter on the beloved soap, had 'ranted, raved and bragged' to his fellow employees, and spoken down to members of the crew.There is absolutely no truth that an exit storyline is being discussed or planned.' The rumour mill began to spin after friends, family and colleagues of the star were said to be worried that he won't come back - and that the drama is affecting the star's long-term well being.According to The Sun, friends expressed a deep worry for the actor, who is seemingly in self-destruct mode despite his rebooted career on the BBC's longest-running soap opera.Amid reports of a meltdown, Danny seems to have taken the opportunity to jet out of the UK to escape the sudden barrage of unidentified sources coming forward attempting to sully his name.The actor has evidently been spotted at Heathrow airport boarding a flight to South Africa.

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